BioBalance detoxification & weight loss program

6-Week Weight Loss and Detoxification Program

BioBalance is a 6-week detoxification program for a balanced body and effortless weight management. The program has been developed by Dr Agnes Warchalowski, a Cosmetic Physician, with over 20 years experience in nutritional medicine, who has used diet and supplements to effectively manage her autoimmune conditions.


The BioBalance  program for effortless weight management is based on principles of detoxification and designed for all who have struggled to lose weight and keep it off.


Losing weight is easy, losing fat and maintaining it for life is a much more involved process. Your body must be healthy before it can release stored fat. Unfortunately most diets fail because they focus on calorie deficit rather than achieving a physiological balance and addressing the key factors responsible for fat loss and long-term weight management.


The BioBalance Protocol addresses and manages the key physiological factors that influence your weight:


  • Bowel bacteria and bowel health
  • Nutrient status
  • Appetite-regulating hormones
  • Liver function, toxins and inflammation
  • Set-Weight


Expected Results


  • Initial weight loss of up to 5kgs in the first 2 weeks, then a gradual weight loss of 0.5-1kg per week
  • Reduced bloating
  • Improved bowel function
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy levels
  • Balanced mood
  • Balanced appetite
  • Reduced cravings
  • Improved metabolism


The following are included in the cost of The BioBalance Protocol:


STAGE 1: 2 weeks


Bowel Repair and Restoration
2 week supply of two prescription Bowel-healing formulations


STAGE 2: 4 weeks

Replenish nutrients, Removal of Toxins, Rebalancing Hormones
4-week supply of two prescription Bowel-healing formulations
4 week-supply of a prescription Nutritional and Detoxification Formula developed by Dr Agnes Warchalowski



– Your Guide to a Balanced Body : a booklet containing comprehensive information regarding the five key factors.
– Patient Program Manual
– Weight loss meal plans for men and women
– Detox Food list
– Pro-inflammatory Food List
–  Additional information about special health-promoting food
– Shopping List
– Information related to supplements used in the program
– Recipes for healthy smoothies, bread, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts.
– Lifestyle plan
– Weekly log book
– Maintenance Plan with meal plans for men and women, food lists and supplement recommendations
–  Access to our members-only on-line webpage
–  Additional information on the webpage
–  Top 10 Detox Foods.
–  Exercise plan with 12-minute workout and cardio plan.
–  Gut-Brain Connection: Part 1 and 2
–  How food effects your mood
–  Toxic foods to avoid



6 week program $695





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