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Dr.Agnes Warchalowski

Cosmetic Physician


Dr Agnes Warchalowski, is a Cosmetic Physician with a over 10 years experience in Cosmetic and Anti-ageing Medicine, specialising in muscle relaxants, dermal fillers, nutrient therapies and weight management.


Dr Agnes has a special interest in Anti-Ageing Medicine and incorporates her extensive knowledge into her daily clinical practice.  From an external anti-ageing perspective, Dr Agnes focuses on restoring natural proportions, thereby creating a more youthful and fresher while maintaining a very natural look.


To enhance the anti-ageing process, Dr Agnes provides two health programs aimed at restoring balance and internal vitality to the body.


By addressing internal and external components of ageing, Dr Agnes is able to provide a complete anti-ageing package with long-term health benefits.


Services Available


Anti-Wrinkle Injections  are used to reduce wrinkles and lift sagging areas.  They can also be used to treat migraines, teeth grinding and excessive sweating. $16 PER UNIT


Dermal Fillers  are used to enhance your natural facial features such as the lips and cheeks and restore facial proportions. They can also be used to lift sagging areas and restore volume loss. For dramatic results, a Liquid Face Lift can restore up to 10 years of volume loss in less than one hour. FROM $700 PER TREATMENT


Facial Scultping  involves a series of targeted injections of a collagen dissolving enzyme to permanently remove abnormal pockets of tissue accumulation, such as the jowls, jawline or lower cheeks.  Facial sculpting helps reduce sagging and enhance definition in these areas, thereby restoring a more youthful appearance to lower face. FROM $750 PER TREATMENT


HCG Diet Program  is a prescription-only program providing rapid weight loss with long term maintenance due improvement in hormonal parameters and resetting of a new weight.  The program is individualized to address hormonal issues and ensure optimal results.

You can expect to lose up to 10kgs in 3 weeks and because the weight you lose is actually fat loss, you will be able to keep it off for life. FROM $1090 (3 Week Program)


The BioBalance Protocol  is a comprehensive prescription program that restores balance to the body by addressing gut health, removing toxins, reducing inflammation, improving liver detoxification, restoring nutrient status and regulating appetite-regulating hormones.   The BioBalance Protocol may also improve  inflammatory conditions and hormonal disturbances that lead to weight loss resistance.  It aims to reset your body your body and maintain at optimal function. $695 (6 WEEK PROGRAM)


Vitamin injections  Vitamin B12, B-Forte, D3 Available. FROM $120

Treatment upgrades

Combining therapies takes the results of your skin treatment to the next level. Add one or more of these upgrades to your chosen treatment.


Healite LED Treatment, Microdermabrasion, Sonophoresis or Mandelic Peel

Add 1 Active Upgrade | $69

Add 2 Active Upgrades | $59

Add 3 Active Upgrades | $49


Add a Neck and Shoulder Massage to your treatment for some relaxing time out.

10 min Relaxation Upgrade | $30

20 min Relaxation Upgrade | $60

30 min Relaxation Upgrade | $85



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