Nurtient Therapies

Supplements for Healthy Ageing


Nutrient therapies available at Outshine


Oral Solutions of nutrients can provide on-going management of mild deficiency states and relief from associated symptoms. These solutions are highly concentrated and more effectively absorbed by the bowel


Intramusclar Injections of vitamins may be indicated for moderate deficiencies or if concurrent medical conditions are present. These injections do not rely on absorption as they by-pass the bowel to provide relief from symptoms for extended periods of time. Treatment is usually on-going and injections may be recommended at various intervals depending on severity of symptoms.


Common Symptoms of Nutrient Deficiencies are:

• Fatigue                           • Irritability                                    • Mood swings

• Weight gain                    • Weight loss                                • Headaches

• Poor sleep                      • Bowel disturbances                    • Anxiety

• Uneven skin tone           • Hair loss.


Dr. Agnes Warchalowski offers comprehensive nutrient assessments and individual nutrient therapy plan to help optimise your health. For more information about any of the these treatments please contact us or book a consultation.

Vitamin B12 or B-Forte Injection:

$120 (after nutrient assessment).


Vitamin D3 Injection:

First Injection $230 (after nutrient assessment).

Detox Formula

50 day supply $295, 100 day supply $410 (after nutrient assessment).





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